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Father, 36, Sixth Rockaways Drowning This Summer


Saturday’s drowning in the waters off the Rockaways has pushed the summer’s death toll to six. At Jacob Riis Park, after the lifeguards had knocked off for the day, Jose-Luis Olivares of Ozone Park noticed his 8-year-old daughter and wife flailing in the water and went in to save them; he got his daughter and went back for his wife; she managed to make shore but he did not. Another man got Olivares out and he was airlifted to Peninsula Hospital Center, where he was pronounced dead. Coming so soon after the drowning of Heyward Patterson during a wee-hours dip last week, Olivares’ death makes the Daily News and NY1 reflective (“Rockaways drowning deaths weigh on minds of beachgoers”), though it is hard to see a better solution than staying out of the water, at least when lifeguards aren’t around.


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