Fork in the Road on the Road: The Cape Cod Lobster Roll


One-fourth of Fork in the Road just got back from Cape Cod (where this particular one-fourth grew up). And you know what’s great about Cape Cod? The fact that, no matter where you are, you are never far from a decent lobster roll at a decent price. The specimen above was obtained at Seafood Sam’s, a local chain with four locations on the Cape. It’s the “jumbo” size, easily a half pound of lobster, for $16 (the regular roll was about $11).

It’s not that this is a great lobster roll–it’s not, the meat is shredded too finely–it’s that, up there, middling lobster rolls are so plentiful and good. The meat is sweet and well-seasoned, the proper hot dog bun toasted in butter. A pickle and a cup of coleslaw are nice on the side. Lobster rolls don’t have to be fetishized $25 affairs. Sometimes they’re just something tasty to pick up for lunch. And that’s what’s great about Cape Cod. (Besides the fried clams.)

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