So Someone Else Was Bothered By That Page-Hogging BMW Ad


We’re glad we’re not the only ones who noticed. We were starting to think we were just behind the curve, and everyone else was totally accustomed to a gigantic image of a man talking about BMWs and lightbulbs and such while they were trying to read the New York Times online. Fix Your Broken Marketing is also disturbed that the ad “prevents you from clicking on the content you came to read” and “is on a web site for a newspaper with a large readership in a city where most people don’t have or drive cars.” They’re looking at it from a marketing viewpoint (“nobody will want to watch your video, read your ad, or listen to your jingle unless there’s something in it for them”), while ours is moral, but this seems to be one of those rare occasions where marketing and morality may coincide. If they need money so badly, why don’t they just do advertorials like everyone else? (Whoops.) Well… discount coupons in the Style Section, then. Anything but this.



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