Sound Fix Says Goodbye to Bedford Ave


Sound Fix–the Williamsburg record store founded in 2004 by the former writer James Bradleycelebrated its last day at 110 Bedford Ave yesterday. The location was a landmark to multiple generations of Brooklyn arrivistes, who surely would be surprised to hear that the store was only five years old. Sound Fix isn’t closing–in two weeks, the store will reopen at 44 Berry Street, in a renovated factory near North 11th. There, SF will join a burgeoning retail music mafia that also includes Beacon’s Closet and the recently consecrated Brooklyn Bowl. Anyone who cares to help the store move its contents one block west, “like Fitzcarraldo hauling that ship over the mountain,” will earn Sound Fix’s eternal gratitude, or at least become the rightmost bookend to a run bracketed on the other side by the Mountain Goats performance that opened the store, back in May of 2004.