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Tom Golisano Brags on Albany Coup, Wants Another for the Assembly


Billionaire Tom Golisano, who was so disgusted with New York taxes that he bailed from the state, then helped engineer this summer’s month-long state senate coup, is running an infomercial that tells upstate viewers he’s happy with the recent senate chaos as it won valuable reforms, such as (per the WGRZ wrap-up) “term limits for committee chairmen” and “a C-Span channel for state government.” Grateful citizens no doubt appreciate these innovations, as well as the elevation of majority leader Pedro Espada Jr.

Golisano also threatened similar action against Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver. “16 years is far too long in a democracy,” he said, referring to Silver’s tenure. “We need some new leadership there and we’re going to try and encourage it there.” Silver seems unconcerned. “In this country, if you have enough money, you can pay for whatever you want and say whatever you want,” he said from an upstate golf course. “The public will make a determination whether he’s right or wrong.”


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