Bacon Is Alive, Well, and Versatile


For the past couple of years, food blogger types have treated bacon a little like that band we used to like before everyone else thought it was cool: It used to be so great, but now we’re, like, so over it, even if we still wear the concert T-shirt in an offhand, ironic sort of way.

Endless Simmer, however, is having none of it. Declaring that “Bacon. Will. Never. Die.,” they’ve got a post today that charts 100 uses for a stick of bacon, from bacon cups and bacon apple pie to bacon-wrapped pickles and a bacon pinata. Surprisingly, a stick of bacon wasn’t molded into the form of a middle finger extended in the direction of all the bacon haters. Or, more specifically, in the direction of all of the bacon accessories that, more than the meat itself, have taken a flying leap over the shark and, with any luck, will quickly be sucked into a whirlpool of cultural indifference.

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