Jerome Chang Is “Looking for Space” for a Dessert Truck Storefront


When the Dessert Truck closed earlier this month thanks to a problem with its mobile vendor’s permit, fans of the high-falutin’ food truck wept at the prospect of a world without bacon custard sauce and brioche donuts. But according to owner Jerome Chang, they should dry their eyes. Though the truck is closed indefinitely and only filling catering orders, it may soon be resurrected in brick-and-mortar form. “We’re basically looking for a space right now,” Chang says. “I’m confident we can get one, but there’s nothing definite. We’re looking in the West and East Village and Lower East Side.”

Chang would “love to see it by November,” and says that he’s planning to expand his menu to include more desserts as well as baked goods and coffee drinks. “It’s a way for us to stay open longer and appeal to the breakfast, lunch, or afternoon crowd and increase our average check.”

As for the city’s refusal to allow the Dessert Truck to renew its permit, Chang is over it. “I don’t really care, honestly. One guy involved with appeals was apparently swamped with all the stuff, and it takes a year to render a decision over it. That’s fine with us; it gives us a chance to switch gears anyway,” he says, acknowledging he’d been thinking of going in a storefront direction even before the permit issue arose.

Aside from taking the wheels off his business, Chang also has to figure out a new name for it. Unlike Calexico, “Dessert Truck” doesn’t really translate to a storefront. “I don’t have a name yet,” Chang says. As for whether he’ll replicate the truck’s name, “I don’t plan on it.”