‘Mother Jones’ Exposes Fiji Water


If you saw the documentary Tapped, then you know all about how the billion-dollar bottled water industry is polluting the planet (and our bodies). An article in the latest issue of Mother Jones takes a look at one bottled water company in particular: chic, “artisanal” Fiji.

Government threats to her personal safety aside, the journalist who wrote the piece discovers how important Fiji the brand is to Fiji the country. But what is most disturbing is the greenwashing the company has indulged in recently. It promised to go carbon negative as of last year, but can only do so via a “forward crediting model,” meaning it “takes credit now for carbon reductions that will actually happen over a few decades.”

That may be how carbon credits work, but does anyone really believe that they can help save the planet by drinking water shipped from the other side of the world and packaged in hefty plastic bottles?

[via Serious Eats]

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