New York State Voters Mad as Hell, Want New Legislators, Constitution


A new Quinnipiac poll shows voter antipathy to the New York State Legislature at an all-time, catastrophic high: 72 percent disapproval. Showing more attention to state governance nationwide than we heretofore expected, 13 percent of voters told the Q-poll our legislature is “the worst in the nation.” (Another 45 percent, perhaps mindful of California, say it’s just “among the worst.”)

40 percent plan to re-elect their own state senator, but 49 percent say not only their senator but “almost” all the others as well should be thrown out…

The senators’ own attempts at “reform” do not please them. 50 percent say — contrary to Tom Golisano’s approval of the Albany Coup, and desire to spread it to the Assembly — that the notorious June state senate upheaval made them “embarrassed to be New Yorkers.” (As to blame, Democrats have a slight edge — 27-25 percent — over Republicans, a significant shift, as a June Q-poll showed most voters blaming the Republicans.)

And 64 percent want a state constitutional convention.

The respondents were only asked about a few issues this convention would address, but heartily approved letting the Governor pick a Lieutenant Governor (54 percent), which right is currently in legal limbo, and appointment of an independent commission to redraw district lines (70 percent).

73 percent call the state government “dysfunctional.” 93 percent say the state’s budget problems are either very serious or somewhat serious. This is actually slightly lower than the 75 percent who found it so in February.

Expectedly, and in line with earlier polls, voters prefer service cuts to tax hikes by 54 to 33 percent.