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Sheepshead Bay Remembers: Old Roll-n-Roaster Commercial



Well, Movable Type is a fucking mess today, and who knows when the previous post will be visible. Bitter experience has taught us that the best way to make sure MT is working is to post something you might regret. So here’s an old commercial for Roll-n-Roaster, the “not-so-fast fast food restaurant” on Emmons Avenue in Sheepshead Bay. (At the time of this spot they also had a store on Staten Island.) It’s from a time when it was worth a local joint’s while to whip up a cheap commercial for late-night TV. The place has been a local mecca for 39 years and has even been reviewed by the Voice: “Though their signature roast beef on a kaiser roll is unsodden, it’s also not particularly good.” Come down to Yelp and say that, Sietsema! Enjoy, Brooklynskis. (h/t Sheepshead Bites.)

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