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Somebody Got Murdered: Arrest in Brooklyn Marina Shootings


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DATE: Saturday, Aug. 8, 2009 at approximately 3:45 p.m.
LOCATION: 3939 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn.

The police have arrested a Brooklyn man who allegedly shot and killed one man and wounded a second during a quarrel on a Brooklyn pier.

Paul Moghab, 33, of Ebony Court in Brooklyn, was killed in the encounter at the Venice Marina, and Michael Mazzara, 37, was wounded. Joseph Perretti, 28, of West 4th Street in Brooklyn was charged with murder, attempted murder and illegal weapons possession.

That’s all clear. What isn’t clear is the motive. Police say Perretti just walked up to the men and engaged them in conversation while they stood on a boat. He then shot Mazzarra in the face. Mazzara fell into the water.

Moghab jumped into the water to save Mazzarra. Perretti waited for them to surface, and then shot Moghab as well. The Daily News reported that Mazzarra had a criminal history, but it’s unclear whether that was a factor in the shooting. The newspaper said cops are probing whether Mazzarra owed money to Perretti.

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