Times Blogger Accused of Karaoke Bias (Updated!)


As silly season coincides with political candidates’ realization that they better do something besides get on the ballot (speaking of that, congrats to Alan Gerson for getting back on his!), you may expect many more stories like this:

Back in March, a correspondent from the Times‘ Fort Greene Blog posted a photo of himself doing karaoke with a staffer from the campaign of councilmember Tish James Tish James’ “official staff site,” Team Tish. “No political endorsement is implied here,” added blogger Andy Newman. “I would just as gladly have duetted with someone from the campaign of Ms. James’s challenger, Delia Hunley-Adossa, if such a person had materialized.”

It was a night [cue sinister music] that Andy Newman would come to regret…

On August 12, a different Times blogger chided Hunley-Adossa for not being available to media enquiries. Yesterday Hunley-Adossa defended herself in a Brooklyn Courier Life article, charging the paper is biased in favor of James — and in defense of her charge “pointed out that Times reporter Andy Newman… published a photo of himself singing karaoke with the woman who runs James’ blog,” the Courier Life says. Hunley-Adossa added, “I’m not sure he would sing with one of my staffers.”

Newman responds, and reaffirms his non-partisan availability for karaoke. The obvious solution is a The Blogosphere’s Got Talent competition, ideally one that will be electorally binding.

(Atlantic Yards Report jumps in, giving the Courier Life author a hard time for having penned an unpublished novel. As we have a few manuscripts in the drawer ourselves, we find this unpersuasive.)

Update: As you may have seen in the second paragraph, we originally had the James staffer working on the James campaign, when that didn’t start for several weeks. It’s a huge deal and we hope it doesn’t change the outcome of the race.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 18, 2009

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