New York

What’s The Worst Job You Ever Had?


Last year, a friend of mine took a position as a porn store clerk because he’d seen the movie Amelie and thought it would be kind of fun and whimsical. Instead, he’s so distraught he’s going to leave the state soon.

The worst job I ever had–back when I actually had real jobs–was an executive assistant position at a major literary agency, a situation that still has me looking at my watch and sweating. The job description had made it sound super creative, and I assumed I’d be learning an enormous amount about the inner workings of the publishing biz. Alas, I soon enough realized it was simply a glorified typing position, complete with a haughty boss telling me I was mentally ill whenever I made a typo (which was often).

I would have way preferred serving artery-clogging slop at a fast food place, where at least they assume you’re brain dead. Which reminds me: What the worst job you ever had? And yes, you can include your current one.

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