An Addendum to that Piece on MGMT’s Wesleyan Surrealist-Pop Mafia


You know the one–Cristina Black’s much reblogged music feature that ran in print two weeks ago. It seems that in the wake of the piece, every Wes alum with a guitar pick and a cowbell came out of comment-lurker hiding to inform the author that despite her nods to Boy Crisis/Das Racist/Amazing Baby, et al, and fellow Wesleyan matriculators Santigold, Dar Williams, and the fella who wrote “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah,” the article didn’t mention a whole slew of other musicians who’d attended the school. To which, the author responds on her personal blog, “This 1200-word article was not meant to be an exhaustive history of music at Wesleyan. It was a little scene story about some kids who went there recently and did drugs and lost their minds and thought it would be so hilair to rap about how they had the munchies and went to Taco Bell or whatever and then that’s what the blogs were talking about all summer and they may or may not get famous because their college buddies became rock stars in England.” Precisely.

In any event, Black does take the time to compile all the musicians who it’s since been brought to her attention also went to Wesleyan. It’s a pretty interesting, and surprisingly disparate, group that includes Dumptruck, Erase Errata, Big Bear, Atom and His Package and 25 others. The full list is below and a Wesleyan-Oberlin beef is most certainly forthcoming.

Bear Hands
Mary Halvorson
Mahivishnu John McLaughlin’s Shakti
Erase Errata
Mobius Band
Anthony Braxton (head of music department)
Ed Blackwell
Bill Barron
El Guapo
Sam Rivers
Kenny Wessel
Steve Lehman
Shy Child
Tyler Ho Bynum
Alvin Lucier
Nick Collins
October Days
Red Wire Black Wire
Girls Against Boys
Atom and His Package
Band of Susans
Polaris Mine
Big Bear
Brian Wolff

Revenge of the Nerds Part 2, or My Wesleyan Week [Cristina Black]

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