Fast-Food Chains Spreading Like Wildfire in New York; Men Cooking More Now than in 1961


The five largest chain stores in the city have grown this past year, despite the recession. Dunkin’ Donuts opened 88 outlets, Subway went from 335 to 361, McDonald’s from 248 to 258, Starbucks ended up with 23 more locations even with widespread closings, and Duane Reade is up to 229 from 216.
[NY Times]

A new British study says men are spending more time in the kitchen now compared to 1961 — an average of three times more time spent cooking, in fact, from just 12 minutes per day to more than half an hour.
[NY Daily News]

Frank Bruni reveals what he learned about people as a food critic: “The world is divided into the hoarders and the sharers… and no manner of advance instruction can prevent guests from saying your real name and even referencing your last three reviews loudly.”
[NY Times]

A number of companies have started employer-sponsored gardens as a cheap and easy way to boost workers’ morale, as well as contribute to employee health and wellness. A garden also encourages camaraderie among co-workers.
[Wall Street Journal]

Creative Cooks Culinary Center in Boerum Hill has welcomed 100 kids this summer. Director Emily Rios exposes kids to different cultures and culinary traditions on outings to food factories, bodegas, farms, restaurants, and even a Mahayana Buddhist Temple.
[NY Times]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 19, 2009


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