Forget 31 Flavors: Israel’s Screme Kosher Gelato Takes Manhattan with 12 Stores and 5,000 Varieties


Flo Fab reported last month that Israeli kosher gelato chain Aldo was making its way to the U.S. as Screme. The first location opened at Madame Tussaud’s, with a second store on its heels on the Upper West Side.

The brand has now announced that its flagship location is set to open September 15 on the Upper East Side. The 1,700-square-foot space will feature a small cafe serving waffles and other sweet treats, an events space, and an open kitchen where patrons can watch the chef make fresh gelato daily. Owners Yona and Nicole Levy say they have plans to open 12 stores within their first year in New York.

“Ice cream is a science,” says Yona. “Different flavors freeze at different temperatures. We have over 5,000 flavors… and we had to figure out the right [recipe for each one].”

Fork in the Road can vouch for the Tequila and Fig flavor, made with Patron; and the Halva, a decidedly non-Italian flavor that nods to the brand’s Jewish roots. Of course, every ice cream brand can be judged by its vanilla: Screme’s is subtle and buttery, made with real bean.


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