Here’s an Update on the New Outkast Album(s), Which Gives Us Another Excuse to Look at That Amusing Photo of Big Boi Mean-Mugging While Holding a Penguin


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free video player brings us a report on both Big Boi’s allegedly imminent solo turn Sir Luscious Leftfoot: Son of Chico Dusty and the full-blown Outkast record that will emerge thereafter, good news that would be great news if he hadn’t announced Chico Dusty‘s allegedly imminent release several times already. (That last one announces his jump from Jive to Def Jam, so maybe we can actually believe him this time.)

That such a major figure has been thus endlessly delayed/mistreated is not the crumbling music industry’s finest hour. Thus, we feel compelled to reprise one of the strangest ways he’s deigned to entertain himself in the interim. Oh, you want video? Roy Edroso, folks.

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