Update, And Let’s Be Fair About This: Alleged Puppy-Kicking Brooklyn Band Responds To, Strongly Denies Puppy-Kicking Allegations


So first off, the band accused of kicking a puppy during an early-morning Prospect Park photo shoot has been positively identified: They are Surefire, from Brooklyn. Secondly, they strongly deny having done any such thing. Responding to an email, the band offers the following response; our strong affinity for puppies notwithstanding, it’s worth noting that one person on a message board set this whole thing in motion, this is America, innocent until proven guilty, etc. etc. Hear them out, is what I’m saying.

Surefire singer Ben Rice responds as follows:

No member of my band kicked or would ever kick a puppy or any animal for that matter. This is a case of a sad man looking to get a rise out of
people and put a little excitement into his mundane life and we want nothing
to do with it. A golden retriever did come over and join us while we were
doing a photo shoot, as did a number of other dogs and we all enjoyed their
company. Every other dog owner in the park had the common courtesy to call
their dogs after their dogs had a proper chance to sniff around, while this
dog owner did not.

When the golden retriever wouldn’t leave we called to the dog’s owner who
was standing smugly across the field asking him to call his dog at which
point he came toward us shouting at us about it being off-leash hours and
how the dog was a puppy, telling us to get out of the park and repeating,
“What are you going to do about it?” I specifically told the dog’s owner,
“Yes, it’s a puppy, you’re a human being, use your brain and just call your

Someone who appeared to be the dog owner’s lackey took the photos that you
see and I think they clearly demonstrate how shocked we were by the
absurdity of the situation and having someone running up and putting their
iPhone in your face looking for an altercation at 7am in the morning.

I hope that people who see this can understand that this has nothing to do
with us or any sort of aggression towards dogs and is simply a bitter man,
who knew he was in the wrong, throwing a low blow by relying on people’s
responses to shock and awe type news stories trying to slander us.

Again, as a dog owner myself, I can assure you, I, and no member of my band
would ever kick a dog. I hope this clears up any confusion and that we can
all move on to more pressing issues.

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