Barneys Warehouse Sale Starts Today; Bloggers Offer Advice


Get rrready to rrrrummage! The Barneys Warehouse Sale starts today. New York magazine says shoppers started lining up at 7 a.m., when their taxis dropped them off from the clubs. Also, “hot-pink satin Christian Louboutins for $240.53” — sorry, it’s gone by now. WNBC reports: “we were surprised by the sheer amount of Phillip Lim still remaining — did none of these sell?… We weren’t surprised that the high-end stuff was available in bulk, while the mid-priced labels seemed to have more scarcity of selection.” Curbed remarks, “There’s a half-naked girl changing in the corner.” First time here, buddy?

Other fashion feelers are more pro-active than reactive, and have tips for the your trip through the schmatte stacks.

Shophound has an advice list, including, “avoid the weekends if at all possible… Think carefully: Those jeans may be marked way, way down, but it could be because they are a cut you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing for more than a few more months… Wear shoes that slip easily on and off and clean underwear. No holes! ” So that’s why we always have an aisle to ourselves. Shitty Chic‘s secret is “to wait until the Friday before the sale ends when almost everything is marked down an extra 50-75% off.” SC’s got more good advice, including this: “ipod is critical. It is the only thing that keeps me sane. It really helps you focus and block out the crowd.”


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