Cam’ron Will Not Be Reconciling with 50 Cent at the Show 50 Cent Isn’t Playing in Queens: “We Can Meet in Benihana’s If You Wanna Be Serious”


Lost in the theoretically bullet-riddled hysteria about the block party 50 Cent is throwing in Queens on August 30th–at which the artist was going to play, and then he wasn’t, and then even the mayor got involved, all because of a remarkably alarmist and poorly-sourced NYP article–was the rumor that MTV News scored yesterday predicting 50 Cent and his longtime YouTube nemesis Cam’ron would reconcile at the event. Except Cam’s already denying it. As only Cam can. “Nah, I’m not going to no show in Queens,” Cam told Shaheem Reid:

    “I don’t know how true it is … a few of my people — associates — said [some of 50’s associates] was trying to reach out. But I ain’t going to no concert in Queens. Come up to Harlem Week. We could sit down and have the roundtable meeting if you really wanna be serious. Or meet anywhere … we can meet in Benihana’s if you wanna be serious. It don’t matter. I’m not squashing a problem we had in Queens at your event.”

Later in the interview Cam offers to meet halfway–“Triborough Bridge or something.” In other news, this block party is somehow a whirling vortex of misinformation and innuendo. It’s the Bermuda Triangle of community service.

Cam’ron Won’t Squash Differences With 50 Cent At ’40 Day’
[MTV News]
Cam’ron: “I’m not going to no show in Queens” [Broken Cool]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 20, 2009

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