Celeb Spotting in NYC


L.A. is clearly the world’s epicenter of celebrity spotting, a land of relentless visions of real-life make believe. In fact, the second you disembark from the plane, you’re generally accosted by all manner of biggies, has-beens, wannabes, waiters with screenplays, and starlets running from their latest rehab stint.

But New York has its share of boldface names too–you just have to look a little harder to find them because they’re more tightly woven into the everyday fabric of the place.

In recent times, I’ve spotted Alan Cumming and Tim Robbins whizzing by on bicycles (not together); Patricia Clarkson and Julianne Moore gaily traipsing around the Village (again, separately); Cheyenne Jackson looking fresh out of the gym, in the Broadway district; and Steven Weber genially ambling through the new Highline Park.

And there are so many more in our midst–some of them even popping up in the “bad neighborhoods.”

Who have you seen around the joint?

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