Florida Man Seduces Two New York Ladies, Robs and Threatens Them, Goes to Jail


Feast your eyes, folks, on this sexy beast. From Florida, lothario Paul Francois, 55, seduced a couple of New York ladies, stealing their hearts and a large part of their bank accounts. Rose Marie Anglade, 50, of Astoria, thought she was the apple of Francois’ eye, and so did Sheila Brissault, 43, of Elmont, Long Island. He separately asked each to share her life with him, and to send him money or access to her bank account. And they did — but look at the guy; can you blame them?

Francois got $100,000 out of Brissault and $300,000 out of Anglade before dumping them and, when they remonstrated, threatened to kill them and/or their families. Police arrested Francois yesterday for grand theft and running an organized scheme to defraud.

We don’t know about Brissault, who is apparently too mortified to talk to the press, but Anglade — who actually moved to Florida to share Francois’ non-existent love nest — tells the Miami Herald she’s been left destitute and living on the kindness of friends. She has advice for her fellow single ladies: “Don’t ever, ever get any bank account with any other man. I don’t trust nobody anymore.”

Cops think Francois may have pulled this same scam on other women as well.


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