Foods Go High Fiber; Taco Bell Gets a First Meal


In a response to consumer demand for more nutritious foods, food companies are putting out fiber-rich products once again. Danone, Kellogg, and General Mills are among those that have added extra fiber to some of their product lines.
[Wall Street Journal]

Food equals ratings on networks like Food Network and Travel Channel. According to audience analysis, food shows are comforting in a poor economy, whereas shows about, for example, real estate have fallen by the wayside.

The irreverent French culinary group Le Fooding is having its first U.S. event in Queens this September. Several food-related websites will distribute secret codes for access to a link to buy tickets to the event online.
[NY Times]

Some parents want the ice cream man banned. In particular, they want unlicensed ice cream vendors banned from playgrounds to avoid having their kids go nuts when they hear that unmistakable bell.
[NY Times]

Taco Bell, home of the “fourth meal,” is introducing a new breakfast menu that will feature Jimmy Dean sausage, Seattle’s Best coffee, Dole produce, and Cinnabon alongside its own chalupas, gorditas, and double-decker tacos.
[NY Daily News]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 20, 2009


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