Mayoral Candidates’ Drinks: Jack & Coke “in a Dirty Glass,” Tap Beer, Coke Straight


We tip our hat to the Examiner‘s alcohol reporter Dan Manzel for asking the leading New York mayoral candidates what they like to drink. Bill Thompson campaign spokesperson Janet Dickerson, obviously in a good mood, tells Manzel, “Bill would order a Jack and Coke in a dirty glass… We’ll leave the Manhattans to Bloomberg.” Ha ha, because he’s rich, get it, and because Thompson’s support, such as it is, is largely outside Manhattan.

Bloomberg’s spokesman Stu Loeser unaccountably mentioned that the Mayor likes to eat burgers, “like the one at Duffy’s on the North Shore of Staten Island” (hmm, we thought he had that borough sewn up), and when he does he “washes them down with whatever beer is on tap” — What, even if it’s Yuengling? — “or whatever the house red is.” Clearly Bloomberg is a man of the people.

Our only cavil is that Manzel neglected to poll Tony Avella, who is still in the race. We called Avella campaign spokesperson Christian Schneider, who duly reports: Tony drinks Coca-Cola. No, no Jack with. Schneider says he’s never seen the candidate drink alcohol. Avella does drink the caffeinated version of Coke, though — “He’s not a Mormon,” says Schneider. Photo (cc) yuheitomi.


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