News Roundup: R. Kelly, Jay-Z, Mr. West, Drake and Nipsey Hussle, Phil Spector


–On Tuesday, we noted that R. Kelly had announced his “Ladies Make Some Noise!” tour, which included an NYC stop on October 16th. Now the venue has been revealed– the WaMu Theater At Madison Square Garden–and tickets are on internet presale right now. The password? LADIES. This man and his machine are so far beyond you and me it is unfair.

Jay-Z’s bodyguard got in a scuffle with a TV reporter who got a little too close to Jay and Beyonce while rap’s number one power couple was vacationing in Croatia (?!). The reporter tossed a tripod at the bodyguard, who then sensibly tossed the whole fucking rig into the Adriatic Sea. Leave Jay-Z alone, world! He will be ruling us when everything else is just ash and Rihanna in a garter belt.

–Lick a shot for Chelsea’s Mr. West, a one-year-old nightclub run by Danny Divine and DJ Jus Ske. The pleasure palace is shutting down after the owners “got an offer they couldn’t refuse” from party promoter Patrick Duffy, according to New York Post. What that could possibly mean is unclear. Anyway, now it’s going to be a Japanese restaurant.

–Recommended: the extremely unlikely pairing of Canadian soon-to-be rap megastar Drake and West Coast rap heir Nipsey Hussle on the song “Killers.” How this happened we have no idea, but the song knocks.

–Phil Spector better hope that none of the other inmates of the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility have subscriptions to the Post, in which he calls them all “scumbags” today. This is all part of a confusing item that is about the wifely jail visits Spector’s 29-year-old gal pal and Playboy model Rachelle Short has been undertaking, which visits Spector characterizes as a “Darwinian blessing.” Huh? Also, Spector thinks he’s in the same jail with Charles Manson and Sirhan Sirhan, but he’s not. Read this incomprehensible paragraph again, if you dare.

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