Old Subway Nudity Story Has Promotional Purpose


If you were wondering why the New York Post waited till now to tell us about a naked photo shoot on the L train in June, it may be they learned that the Associated Press had the story too and didn’t want to get out-tabloided. We welcome nearly all public nudity stories, of course, but the long delay somewhat cools our enthusiasm, as does the little tiny picture. You can see a bigger one at photographer Zach Hyman’s site, and surprise! He has a show featuring at least one subway flash opening today at the Chair and the Maiden Gallery on Christopher Street. Isn’t it great when things come together like this? And he’s from Greenpoint!

We thought there was a related story in “Naked, Drunken, Puking Riders on LIRR” at Trainjotting. They refer to a Fox story about a Sunday afternoon $2 beer event in the Hamptons, leading to a rowdy 8:28 train out of Hampton Bay, but despite the come-on and lashings of puke, there is no actual nudity.



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