Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Indian Restaurants


Check here tomorrow for Fork in the Road’s 10 Best Indian restaurants. We’ve ranged around the city, stuffing ourselves with Chettinadu fish curry on Staten Island, dosas in Flushing, khandvi and other regional snacks in Jackson Heights, and pongal in New Jersey (true Desi-land). We’re pitching a big tent, including cuisine from all South Asian countries that used to be part of India before partition, and, just for fun, we’re also considering Indian Chinese and New American-Indian, because those cuisines, too, have potential for ultra-deliciousness.

Spoiler: The number one spot will go to At Vermillion. Just kidding! But behold the carby glory of the vada pav below. Will the restaurant that produced it make the top 10?

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 20, 2009


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