Watch High Places Perform at the Guggenheim


No one was ever able to answer our question about why the Guggenheim’s It Came From Brooklyn concert last Friday cost so much money just to get into, not even Mary High Places herself when we ran into her the next night. (They thought the whole thing was gonna be free until they showed up and found out that tickets were $40-$45. After that, High Places nearly didn’t play.) But once you were in, the show did indeed look quite lovely. The Fader sent Ray Concepcion to shoot video. His lovely Walkmen clips circulated earlier this week, and now he has an excerpt of High Places’ set from the same night. It’s a bit subdued compared to what we’re used to, but then again, they were playing in a museum. Unadorned as they are, the duo’s compositions have a different quality to them–their songs are more song-like, less snatches of melody and more full-blown, sustained movement. Not a bad look. [h/t Chocolate Bobka]

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