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Driver/Funnyman/Rapist Pleads Guilty, Will Serve 13 to 15 Years


Livery driver Torkieh Sadagheh protested his innocence when he was picked up for sexually assaulting two of his fares in February. But Scores dancer Monica Maneiro said that after he picked up at the West 28th Street club, he tried to rape her in the back seat, and police say Sadagheh then returned to the club and picked up four other women, three of them leaving the cab at L’Express, leaving one behind, whom Sadagheh successfully raped. “Those were drunk women,” Sadagheh said. “Nothing is rape.” Maybe that was just schtick on his part — a neighbor told reporters Sadagheh wanted to be “the next Borat” and was always pulling zany stunts on people. Sadagheh has apparently thought better of his claims, and pleaded guilty today to the rapes, for which he is expected to be sentenced to 13 to 15 years in prison.



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