Sietsema on the Scene at Joseph Leonard…


As reported on Runnin’ Scared, Our Man Sietsema happened to be walking by Joseph Leonard earlier today when a car crashed into the restaurant and then rolled along until it came to a stop in front of a nearby Chinese massage parlor. Fortunately, no one was hurt — aside from the car’s driver, who blacked out after exiting the vehicle — and the restaurant, excepting its outdoor planters, seemed to be undamaged.

“It was the weirdest thing,” Sietsema says. “Mainly, the planter at Joseph Leonard was demolished, so it looked worse than it was. There was dirt all over the place, and a bumper sat in the middle of the dirt. There was a small knot of people standing around, scratching their heads. The proprietor of Joseph Leonard [Gabriel Stulman]…was saying, “I can’t believe this happened on top of everything else.”


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