The Blogroll Gazette: A Secret Menu Item at NYC Cravings; KFC’s Dirty Double Down Sandwich


This week in food blogs…

Serious Eats asked, “When is it socially acceptable to share food?” Answer: When you’re dining with other foodies. And who the hell would want to do that?

Midtown Lunch reported that the NYC Cravings truck will continue to serve its secret menu item of a chicken and pork combo — if you ask for it.

The Feedbag went fried chicken crazy this week with a look at offerings from Fatty Crab, Brooklyn Bowl, and Momofuku.

Eat Me Daily uncovers KFC’s Double Down sandwich, which uses two chicken patties as buns.

Eater noticed a poll on AOL’s Asylum to find the manliest restaurant in the country, and urges reader to vote for New York’s Keens.

Grub Street got the goods on just exactly how Frank Bruni feels about sardines. And anchovies.

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