Vicki Sell, the Times’ “Irate” Ice Cream Mom, Responds


This morning, Fork in the Road received a comment from none other than Vicki Sell. Sell, for those who have any memory for the sort of naval gazing that goes on in the food blogosphere, is the “irate” Park Slope mom quoted in Wednesday’s Times piece about moms versus Mister Softee. Yesterday, we posted something about Gawker‘s news (OK, “news” is stretching it, but we digress) that Sell is one of the owners of the Chip Shop, a neighborhood fish and chip joint not exactly known for its healthful cuisine.

Anyway, Sell wrote to us in response to the post. Here’s what she had to say:

“I am the person quoted in the Times story and my point of view was not accurately reflected. I’m very upset to have been misquoted as hating Mister Softee and all ice cream vendors. I have absolutely NOT started a campaign against them. My complaint was about the ice vendors within the playground that are unlicensed and illegally selling to children in a place they are not allowed. I called 311 once (not multiple times by any stretch of the imagination) to inquire about their legal standing. They do not have sanction from any health authority to handle food and there is no telling where their product comes from. I had hoped that would be played up in the article. And yes, I do feel that bringing these carts into the playground is predatory. They are run out over and over by the police or parks people but come back time and time again. I don’t have any problem with legal vendors outside the playground in areas they are licensed for — despite what the article says. I’m all for people making a living and for people to choose the time and the place to buy treats for their children. I did discuss these points for the article but I don’t see them there. In fact while I was being interviewed we bought ice pops for our children from a licensed vendor outside the park.”

And that, we hope, is absolutely all that has to be said about that.


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