Weekend Special: State Fair Windows at Cowgirl Hall of Fame


I feel the same irrational glee whenever I find a corn dog in my mitts. They were called “pronto pups” at the Minnesota State Fair.

For the sultry month of August, the West Village old-timer Cowgirl Hall of Fame commemorates state fairs via a series of over-the-top window displays, featuring mannequins that might have been filched from Old Navy. On Wednesday, Counter Culture reviews the new branch of the restaurant at the South Street Seaport, called Cowgirl Sea-Horse.

Every state fair features a display of prize-winning pies.

Cotton candy and nut-coated caramel apples are another feature of state fair cuisine. At the Wisconsin State Fair, cream puffs command center stage.

This kid with a cowlick seems a bit freaked out by the cock in his lap.

And here’s a long view of the Hudson Street side of the restaurant.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 22, 2009


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