Colicchio, Wall Street Guys, Photographers All Cast Their Flies in the City’s Waters


In Tom Colicchio’s new American Express commercial, the erstwhile Diet Coke pitchman sings the praises of Urban Angler, the Fifth Avenue store that calls itself “the Source for Everything Fly Fishing.” According to a manager at the store, who gave his name as John, Colicchio’s got plenty of company out on the East River. “We cater to people who fish anywhere, literally,” John says. “In Central Park, New York Harbor, all over the world.”

Central Park, he says, has panfish like bass and blue gills, while the harbor is home to saltwater fish like striped bass and bluefish. Though the Department of Health advises that women of child-bearing age and children under 15 years old restrict their consumption of fish like bluefish and striped bass procured from the city’s waters to one meal per month, “the waters around New York are much cleaner than 20 years ago,” John says. What’s more, “a lot of people will eat and or catch or sell fish that are caught in Montauk, and they’re the same fish in the harbor; they migrate.”

Colicchio, John says, has been a customer for “15, maybe 20 years,” and is a “big saltwater fisherman.” The store gets a “fair number of chefs,” as well as “Wall Street guys and photographers. People who tend to work in fields that are very detail-oriented are into fly fishing.”


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