Cops: Staten Island Teen, Released in Robbery, Turns to Mugging, Is Re-Arrested


Here’s a young Staten Islander who has clearly found a path he wants to follow and won’t let anything shake his determination. On July 9, police allege, 17-year-old Jaja Ala of Mariners Harbor teamed up with Sergey Elvine, and the two pretended to be police officers, robbing an acquaintance of $150. Though Aja is up on felony charges for that, Staten Island couldn’t impanel a grand jury fast enough, so he was released pending a hearing. And what did Aja do with his freedom? According to the cops, last Saturday morning he and another local skel tried to stick up some pedestrians on Midland Avenue, and were arrested “a few minutes after.” Aja doesn’t seem to learn very fast, but he’s willing to put in the time, and that’s what counts.


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