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Few Save Surfers, David Blaine Brave Beaches During Hurricane Bill


The closing of most local beaches on account of Hurricane Bill was mostly respected, but there are always a few brave/foolhardy souls who wish to trifle with the enraged god of the sea. At the open Orchard Beach in The Bronx this weekend, the Times found a few visitors. None of them were reported to go into the ocean, but surfing was implied. A 71-year-old was washed onto the rocks off Coney Island and rescued by police.

At Montauk, Newsday estimates 2,000 surfers defied closings for a shot at the historic waves. The beach at Robert Moses State Park was actually briefly flooded, but that didn’t stop surfers either. They didn’t get as much publicity as illusionist David Blaine, who tried the old invisibility trick on lifeguards at Necox Beach in Watermill in the Hamptons and didn’t get away with it, and the New York Post rushed home with the news.

Meanwhile Bill has moved on and is wreaking its havoc on Nova Scotia. Local beaches are expected to open today.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 24, 2009

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