New York Raelian Topless March Draws Expected Results


Yesterday unleashed demonstrations in several cities, including Venice Beach (from which this twitpic is drawn) and ours. GoTopless is an outreach of the Raelians, described by Boing Boing as “a religious cult that basically gets you in the door with promises of free sex, then brainwashes you with a bunch of garbage about UFOs and cloning and giving all your money to the church.” We can’t say how many converts were won by the Central Park affair, which is covered by the Daily News as a fun bit of street theater (“Dozens of semi-nude women gave the city a Double-D eyeful,” etc); they made no mention of Rael, but reported lots of remarks like, “I’m going to tell my wife to join in,” fnar fnar. The Raelians’ justifications of the event (“‘Breasts are noble parts of the anatomy,’ said Raelian Priestess Nadine Gary”). The related slide shows are kind of week, so go to one of ours instead.



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