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Paterson Clarifies: I’m Being Stereotyped, Not Necessarily Racially


The new Siena poll, along with the usual despairing findings on voter confidence, shows citizens still want Andrew Cuomo to be governor instead of David Paterson. But, as Paterson said last week, that’s because they’re racists.

Actually the Governor clarified his comments Saturday, or muddled them, depending on your perspective.

“I don’t think the media has acted in a racist way,” Paterson told the Borrero Report, “but I have felt stereotyped at times.” He didn’t say on what basis he had been stereotyped if not a racial one. He added, “There are some folks in the media who think that it’s alright to racially stereotype,” and because of this stereotyping, he said, “It seems I have to work twice as hard as others.” Yes, and to such great effect!

Unsurprisingly, Paterson named among his media persecutors the New York Post (he cited the monkey cartoon, and Fred Dicker) and, more surprisingly, Dominic Carter of NY1 (“It’s not that he’s Black; it’s that he lied about my daughter. As a father and as a man I deserve an apology from Dominic”).

Meanwhile the White House is leaking word that President Obama is displeased that the Governor included his own fortunes in his racial analysis, and has communicated that displeasure to Paterson. This was interpreted uncharitably by rightbloggers (“[Paterson] didn’t get the memo saying that only FOX is to be accused of being racist… I’m sure the Gov. will be shutting up now to avoid getting a taste of the Chicago Way”), but probably appreciated by everyone else.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 24, 2009


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