Photos: Girl Talk’s Williamsburg Waterfront Pool Party with Max Tundra and Wiz Khalifa


So, yeah– 8,500 people, three bands, a broken stage, and a Chuck Schumer sighting. Just another day at Williamsburg’s East River Park, where things got well and truly out of hand for Greg Gillis’ Girl Talk, a band pretty much made for the mayhem, nudity, and bare feet that are the hallmarks of Jelly NYC’s weekly summer pool parties. Gillis drew well over the park’s maximum and, in the now obligatory participatory scrum, actually broke the stage when too many people got on it at once. Reports are unclear as to whether Schumer, who was spotted by ASSME gladhanding hipsters before Girl Talk went on, was among the marauding stage-killing dancers. Anyway, ball of screaming naked chaos is in your court now, Grizzly Bear! More topless women than non-topless women here, at our slideshow.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 24, 2009

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