Rampant Speculation: Nine Inch Nails to Play Both Discs of The Fragile Front-to-Back at Those Two Terminal 5 Shows


Yeah, their lighting scheme is that dark, except when it isn’t.

They will probably not play The Fragile in its entirety. OK, definitely not. But it’s all NIN all the time in NYC right now — as the Internet has probably already informed you, they did The Downward Spiral front-to-back at Webster Hall last night (yep, “Big Man With a Gun” and everything) as part of their four-show retirement-threatening run here. I bet you “Ruiner” was awesome. I personally went to Saturday night’s Bowery Ballroom fete, about which much more in just a bit, but let it be known that the above rendition of “Something I Can Never Have” was the highlight, upright bass and all, with the drummer on piano, and Trent Reznor somehow making a 20-year-old song feel like a fresh wound. Most excessive light show since Glasvegas, too.

Trent takes an off day today. T5 Tuesday and Wednesday. Both sold out as hell, of course. Good luck.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 24, 2009

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