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The Most Twisted Urban Myths!


Urban myths are those bullshit celebrity gossip stories you hear as a kid and choose to believe until years later when you finally stop and say, “What the fuck was I thinking?”

I’m not even going to go into the infamous gerbil one or the one with the rock star and the 17 sailors. We ALL have heard those humdingers so many times that they’re more worn out than that hermaphrodite horror star. But what about the more obscure false tales that buzzed around the globe swearing that:

*Calvin Klein had to have his entire blood system removed and replaced every single day, first thing in the morning?

*Stephen Sondheim was at one time the world’s highest paid sadist?

*Sondheim missed the dress rehearsal of Follies because his date had left him strapped to the bed? (Some sadist!)

*Richard Simmons hired a hustler and answered the door in diapers saying, “I’ve been a bad boy. Spank me”?

*Merv Griffin ate chocolate bars out of hot boys’ asses?

*Raymond Burr liked to have scatological sex with a glass table between he and his date?

These stories are patently untrue, so please just forget them! Repeat: Most of these stories are patently untrue, so please just forget them!

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