American Apparel’s Latest Offering: Bags of Industrial Waste


In a bold step forward for both sustainability and indecent exposure on Bedford Avenue, American Apparel has unveiled a new product on their website: “Bag-O-Scraps,” a collection of hodgepodge fabric shreds hastily swept off their factory floors.

These spandex and cotton remnants, we’re told enthusiastically in the item description, are “one-of-a-kind bags” that enterprising trendsters can use to make “clever jewelry, accessories, a card for your grandma or a colorful hanging sculpture for your apartment. Each bag comes with a zine (printed on scrap paper, of course) with five fun and easy scrap projects, complete with how-to instructions.” They retail for $8…

Screen shots of said zine include instructions on how to finagle your valuable scraps into a “braided belt” (spoiler alert: you braid them) or a “wrapped hood” (spoiler alert: you wrap them).

But, of course, you don¹t have to stop there; upon closer inspection, it seems that these bits could also be fashioned into unnecessary ankle wraps and dual purpose headbands/miniskirts — and for the latter, you¹d have to pay at least $50 more in stores, for not much more fabric.

We¹re excited for the ensuing American Apparel print ad, which should feature Dov Charney¹s latest 17-year-old muse bent lasciviously over a chaise with assorted “Bag-O-Scraps” detritus dangling from her garter belt.


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