Any Sympathy For Jacko’s “Dr. Death”?


So the L.A. coroner has declared Dr. Conrad Murray’s treatment of Michael Jackson to be a homicide and now he’s the most hated person on the planet since…um, Michael when he was accused of child molesting.

But is it all as one-sided as that? Did Murray flat-out kill Michael or wasn’t it more a case of assisted suicide, instigated by a needy and demanding superstar? Uh, yeah, but–if I can continue to play devil’s advocate here–my feeling is that even if a doctor is being paid tons of money and being ordered to deliver the propofol by the patient, he should still cite his code of ethics and beg off the job in order to avoid murder, mayhem, and malpractice. Is it crazy to assume that’s what should have happened?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 25, 2009

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