Local Grizzly Bear fans haven’t hurt for opportunities to see their favorite band play this year. At the end of May, the celebrated Brooklyn outfit did two nights at Town Hall, followed by a gig at the Music Hall of Williamsburg; not long before that, the Grizzlies joined their hometown Philharmonic at BAM and played the New Yorker‘s first speakeasy event. All that said, even ticket holders from those shows are advised not to miss this free outdoor gig; its early-evening waterfront environs should make for the perfect accompaniment to the winsome psych-pop undulations on Veckatimest, Grizzly Bear’s latest album and one of 2009’s best. Openers Beach House, from Baltimore, play dreamy, gauzy fuzz-folk ballads that sound like Mazzy Star covering Built to Spill.

Sun., Aug. 30, 2 p.m., 2009