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Chris Brown Sentenced to Five Years! (Probation!) Also, Fine, Fees, Etc.


For his ungentlemanly behavior toward Rihanna, Chris Brown has been sentenced to five years — probation! He also has to take domestic violence counseling and pay $400 for the privilege. And he has to turn in his guns (oh, man!) And he gets 180 days of community labor, and has to pay a “restitution fee” of $2,500, a $30 court security fee, and other such chump change. A very stringent restraining order means he can’t be anywhere near Rihanna, unless they’re both attending an entertainment industry event, in which case he can get close as ten feet and we don’t think he has that kind of reach. He has to come back to the judge on November 19 to show what sort of progress he has made, and is strongly warned that he can’t pull this kind of thing again, or it’ll be another $400 worth of domestic violence counseling and extra homework. (Actually the judge talked about jail, but come on.)


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