Park Slope Banh Mi Wars: Hanco’s Vs. Henry’s


As we reported earlier, there is a gen-u-ine banh mi war going down in Park Slope, and nothing could be more titillating.

Fork in the Road, reporting from the scene, thought that it was obvious that Henry’s has ripped off Hanco’s–the menus are nearly identical, from the menu items (although Henry’s has added smoothies), to the font, to the food descriptions. On the other hand, you can’t copyright a sandwich. In any case, now the two identical spots will have to compete in a smallish market–so Fork in the Road decided to see which place had the superior banh mi.

The truth is that neither one of these spots is peddling truly great banh mi. Both are tasty, and either one will kill a craving, but if you want a really delicious Vietnamese sandwich, you still have to go to Sunset Park or Chinatown.

Still, there are pros and cons, chiefly that Hanco’s sandwiches are $6.50 and Henry’s are $5.95. Plus, Henry’s are bigger, have better pickled carrot/daikon, and a more generous hand with the mayo and Sriracha. On the other hand, Hanco’s has better bread–crustier and more flavorful–adds more cilantro (good or bad depending on your taste), and has comfortable seating. The roast pork from both places is identical, as is the pork roll, ham, ground pork, and pate in both versions of the classic.

The advantage goes to Henry’s, for the better value.

Henry’s Bubble Tea and Vietnamese Sandwich
433 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn

Hanco’s Bubble Tea and Vietnamese Sandwich
350 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn

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