Plaxico Burress Will Take Everyone Down With Him


In an interview scheduled to be aired on ESPN tonight, Plaxico Burress, recently convicted of gun charges and sentenced to two years in prison, says security at the Latin Quarter, where he shot himself in the leg and got this whole mess started, knew he had a gun on him and let him in anyway. As Mayor Bloomberg has been gunning, so to speak, not only for Burress’ hide but also that of the hospital personnel who tended his wound, we expected these overgenerous Latin Quarter staffers to be identified, hauled in and booked. The hospital workers seem to have gotten off with one suspension, but maybe now the Mayor will smell a conspiracy and demand the case be reopened. And what about whoever sold him the gun? And Jerry Reese? Here’s a press opportunity for some enterprising law-and-order candidate, in any case.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 25, 2009

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