Free Cocaine Blunts


And so, in a now depressingly familiar industry story, the internet’s foremost Gucci Mane proponent (give or take these guys) is being forced to apologize, grovel, and remove said rapper’s track from his website. By, it should be said, the exact and precise people in whose interest it is to have the internet care about Gucci in the first place. Follow this story, in real time, as it unfolds on Noz’s Twitter, the gist being that Noz’s online home, Cocaine Blunts, which has seen an awful lot of Gucci in its time, has been deemed in violation by Warner Records, who summarily had him shut down. Or didn’t–the blue-haired ladies of Bluehost tech support seem to have been villains here too. Noz’s full rant, which will probably be slightly corrected/updated as the day goes on, remains here, for now. Otherwise, developing…

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