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In Interview, Bloomberg Praises Gehry, Approves Parking Tickets


That Bloomberg interview referred to in yesterday’s papers is out now in the Brooklyn Paper. In it, the Mayor continues to defend the Atlantic Yards project against what he calls “this small group of people” who oppose it, and to pine after the Frank Gehry design that might have been. With a modish design like that, “Simon and Garfunkel on their tour would go to Brooklyn in a second before they go to Madison Square Garden. They’re New Yorkers,” adds the Mayor, thus furthering the general perception of Brooklyn as the New Everything. Nonetheless he recognizes that the economy has something to do with developer Bruce Ratner’s troubles.

The Mayor also suggests that developer Joe Sitt had better cooperate with the city on Coney Island (“He needs sewers, he needs water, he needs streets”), and says of citizens who complain of parking ticket blitzes, “the future is in their hands… They’re the ones deliberately breaking the law.” (He also explains that he lets companies like UPS pay a flat-fee fine because “you got to be able to double-park or you can’t do your business and the stores that need the deliveries can’t survive,” which apparently doesn’t apply to smaller businesses.)


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