Market Watch: Albino Bitter Melon and More at Fei Long Market in Brooklyn


A rare white bitter melon, shown against a backdrop of the normal vegetable. Actually, maybe it’s a fruit.

Jaws dropped when Fei Long recently opened on the south end of Sunset Park’s Chinatown, and not because it occupies an entire city block, and is twice a big as the next competing grocery. In fact, I haven’t seen an Asian grocery this big anywhere in the five boroughs.

The produce section itself is nearly the size of a football field, and sells lots of unusual fruits and vegetables you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. The prices are great, too: For example, seedless watermelons were selling for $3 apiece, and kohlrabi (great for slaw!) for only 40 cents per pound. Below are a couple of other curiosities I spotted. 6301 Eighth Avenue, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, 718-680-0118

Fresh burdock was especially cheap…

…and so was a dusky green daikon variant.


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